FileSheeter Free (latest version) 


User’s Guide

  Runtime environment is Windows 10 64bit x64


FileSheeter provides an interactive environment in which to create your application and represents how the application will manipulate your file.

In addition to the GUI, FileSheeter provides:

  • Edit a project of FileSheeter Application.
  • LayoutEditor features to simplify creating or modifying your template of a file.
  • Full support for managing the FileSheeter’s options.
  • Preview data of a file.
  • Export a new file of data.


FileSheeter is a utility for converting files into different formats, and/or translating field-level data into other types.

FileSheeter is a quick and easy way to:

data integration with various files (Flat, CSV, Excel)

reorganize very Large transaction file (2GB moreover)

record selector that identifies records conditionally

Design multiple record layouts in one or more files

Transform between plain and personalized data.

Select, join, sort, filter, aggregate, calculate, convert, and re-format

Translate EBCDIC to ASCII fields, MBCS(like CJK) to Unicode, etc.

Remap field sizes and offsets    

Reformat files by changing their field layouts from fixed length to delimited (or vice versa)

Only use certain fields on the output

Create multiple output files, and formats, from a single input format


Also, supports select, join, sort, filter, aggregate, calculate, convert, and re-format.

Select              via record selector that conditional include also predefined condition

Sort                multiple numbers of keys in fields, custom sort, 2GB over within available memory

 Filter               subset using criteria

Join                 match syntax 1-1, n-1

Append            Place other records below a record

Convert            translate input field data types to new types

Aggregate         min, max, average, sum, count (collection only)

Calculate           across rows to perform math (+ mbcs functions)

Re-map            change field positions, sizes, and values

Report           paging, multiple output formats